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Pssst… Is It Really Over?

Squidoo Banned

Is it? What Happened? People noticed and started to ask me what happened to my Squidoo account. I lost all my lenses recently. Yes, they’re locked. All of them. Is this also happened to you? The timing is really bad, because I expected to earn some decent paydays, because Halloween is the most profitable time […]


Change Yourself and Take Control Like Squidoo

Change Yourself

Read how I think about life and Squidoo. How I deal with changes on Squidoo and what’s next. This post is different from others on the blog. It’s 1500+ words long and I would also like to see your opinion. At the end of the article you’ll find a list of blogs I follow, which […]


7 Important Things to Know Before Starting With Squidoo

7 Squidoo Rules

Hey lensmasters! I see many new Squids are starting with building lenses. In this post I share things about you need to know to have a better start with Squidoo. Let’s get to it. #1 – Payment Processor When you start with Squidoo you’ll definitely need a PayPal account. “Why” you ask? Squidoo will send […]


My Personal Squidoo Goals for 2013

Squidoo Goals

The year 2013 started. Can you imagine how fast 2012 was over? And we’re in the middle of February already! I learned a lot in 2012 but it’s really important to have goals in 2013 as well. Goals lead us through difficult times to reach success. What are your goals for 2013? In this post […]


Why Updates and Fresh Squidoo Lenses Are Important

Squidoo Lens Updates

You are probably wondering why should you update your Squidoo lenses and what benefits this brings you. In this article you’ll get all the answers for your why’s and how’s. Can a published Squidoo lens be updated? Of course… … and Squidoo encourage lensmasters to update their lenses often and below you’ll see why. Google […]


I Reveal How Much I Earned in the Last 3 Squidoo Paydays

Squidoo Payday September

Dear Squids, I hope you’re doing well. Let me know how are you and where is your Squidoo business going. In this post I’ll show you my last paydays and a little trick I did to improve my Amazon affiliate sales. I decided to share my Squidoo earnings with you, because several friends were asking […]


Image HTML & CSS Codes for Squidoo Lenses

Squidoo HTML and CSS Tips

Hi, my dear Squid friends! Have you ever wanted to place a picture into either a text or any other module on your lenses and you didn’t know how to do it? When checking out the old SquidU forum, I’ve noticed that many lensmasters need help with this issue. For this particular reason I’ve decided […]


OMG, What’s Happening With Me???

ASEA European Summit

Hi Squids, today I want to share with you something I want to tell. This comes from deep of my heart. What I’ve experienced and how I feel at the moment. I’ll talk about my fears and why I posted so little articles on my blog. I’ll also tell you what I’m going to do […]


New Place Where You Can Buy and Sell Squidoo Lenses

Lens Market Center

Hi Squids, this article will tell you about a new website I found. During my online browsing I discovered an interesting website, where you can buy and sell Squidoo lenses if you’re doing such business. You can find the website at: http://www.lensmarketcenter.com/. I found some really interesting lenses, which can be bought at low price. […]


[DON’T IGNORE THIS!] My BEST Tool for Squidoo Research is on SALE for Half Price – Just Few Days Left

Market Samurai Special Offer

This offer expired – sorry! Hi dear lensmasters! I just wanted to give you an information I found, that I believe you might find useful. You probably noticed that I rarely ever write about promotional content on my blog. I’ll only promote products or services that I actually use and like – that’s my rule! […]